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from the official representative of QUINTESSENCE and distributor of leading manufacturers of dental materials and equipment BioHorizons, Univet. Visit website
Univet Binocular loupes
Individual production. Galilean system THROUGH THE LENS. Prismatic system FLIP-UP. Lighting system LED Eos. FOR PROFESSIONAL use IN ANY AREA.
Dental implants
The line of root implants "Internal", with a diameter of 3.0 to 5.8 mm. Root implants with switching of platform
Bone mineral material
BioHorizons provides in a variety of options bone mineral material. Allogeneic MinerOss® family and xenogenic family MinerOss ® XP. Resorbed Collagen Membranes Mem-Lok®.
Dental literature
Our company specializes in translating and publishing the best foreign monographs on dentistry.
Courses for Dentists
"Azbuka Stomatologa"has own training center for dentists.Provides courses for the basic implantology, prosthetics and sinus lift. Strengthen and expand your knowledge at seminars, lectures, mobile congresses.
B. Braun surgical sutures
A wide range of suture materials for dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology and neurosurgery from the market leader

"Azbuka Stomatologa"

In Kazakhsatn since 2004 Official partner of the world-famous publishing house QUINTESSENCE (Berlin) Actual and clinical information for experts in various areas of dentistry Modern editions, monographs and scientific works of the luminaries of the world in dentistry, implantology, endodontics, orthopedics, orthodontics from qualified translators with medical education in English and German Official and exclusive partner and distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of dental materials, instruments and equipment in the Kazakhstan market Supply of Dental materials, instruments and equipment Courses and seminars for dentists of all specializations, invited leading doctors of domestic and foreign medical centers and clinics Educational tours and escort of delegations from Kazakhstan to participate in international symposia
since 2004 in Kazakhstan
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Azbuka Dantista” Publishing House specializes in translating and publishing the best foreign monographs in dentistry.
1 1 Classics of dental literature and the latest publications on current issues
2 2 The level of translation is guaranteed by the high qualification of translators with medical education and fluent in English
3 3 High-quality printing and no any advertising in publications
4 4 Selected books for translation based on reader’s interest
5 5 An extensive library of foreign dental literature and periodicals. More than 100 editions translated into Russian

Courses for

We are certified specialists, we formulate programs for the growth of your professional level. Since 2007 more than 50 courses have been organized and conducted, more than 800 dentists and implantologists have improved their skills.
We summarize the experience of leading specialists in dentistry, improve the professional level of doctors in courses on basic implantology, prosthetics and sinus lift
We conduct courses and seminars for dentists with invited highly qualified domestic and foreign specialists, university professors, members of international associations, participants of international conferences and congresses and scientific consultants of manufacturing companies
We organize educational tours, visiting congresses, seminars and accompany delegations from Kazakhstan to participate in international symposia, to introduce the latest developments and innovative methods in our work to our dentists
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WORLDWIDE BRANDS Since 2004 works with leading stomatology brands within Kazakhstan
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